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Why Diego?

I won't say wonderful things about myself,

I'll let my clients do that...

And This Is What They Say:

"Excellent Solo Ad Provider... 5 SALES!" - Paul

"I Am Happy To Work With Diego Again" - Theresa Cooper

"Diego Did An Awesome Job, Overdelivered" - Jermaine Powell

"I am Diego Aguirre, and I will help you drive high quality traffic with solo ads while you sit back and do nothing"

How a Petroleum Engineer ended up as a solo ad seller?

Explosives and Radioactives...

I became a master at handling those dangerous materials and that gave me the rockstar lifestyle of the oil industry, involving helicopter rides to remote locations and first-class plane tickets to go to work in different countries.

But the extremely long working hours under a lot of pressure were not fun, my record without sleeping on a proper bed was 64 hours... sixty-four!

And you know, once the entrepreneurial bug bites you, no job can make you happy... I knew I had to do something to get away from that lifestyle.

And that's how I started getting my hands on every business opportunity I could.

I don't think I need to describe all the miserable failures I went through in my pursuit of freedom.

After many attempts, I started email marketing and never looked back ever since.

For the first time, I experienced the feeling of making money while sleeping... Oh, if only I had started sooner!.

Looking back, there is one thing that held me back for so long with no improvements, and that is traffic.

Traffic has proven to be the most challenging part of my online journey. If you have tried Facebook paid ads, you know how puzzling they can be.

I ended up with thousands of dollars down the drain.

I burned a lot of cash and ended up nowhere...

I've spent a ton of money on many programs, courses, marketing platforms but was never able to break even.

I have a nice record of Facebook Ad Accounts shutdowns I am not proud of.

And all the time I kept seeing other affiliate marketers showing off their income screenshots.

Little did I know that the main reason for their success was a good source of high-quality traffic.

It's been years since I started, but traffic continues to be the #1 problem for most affiliate marketers today. For almost all affiliates who never make anything online, traffic is the reason why they fail.

How will I help you?

If you are like most people, you can feel that you are traveling a very lonely road, full of doubts and mistakes.

And you may be right... unless you work with me.

That's why I decided to step up and not only show you the #1 traffic strategy that works for me, but also help you by actually driving traffic for you to a landing page of your choice.

Here's how I'll do it in 4 steps:

1. I'll get your landing page URL

2. I'll write an email swipe to promote your landing page

3. I'll load this email swipe into my autoresponder and blast it to my email subscribers who are interested in similar products.

4. I'll send you real visitors to your landing page while you sit back and do nothing!.

If you'd like to work with me, please use the order buttons below to submit your order right now. If you've got any questions, please contact me using the details below.

But let me tell you, when you work with someone trained by Igor Kheifets and Anik Singal... you will never feel lonely again.

Responsive Support

I support you beyond "clicks." If you need help with your marketing campaigns, email swipes, landing pages, and more - let's chat, I can help.

First Time Buyers Get VIP Treatment

If you're a first-time customer, you qualify for the "first time client" discount. That's my way of breaking the ice on your first transaction with me.

Fast Delivery

When you order from me, your campaign will start and finish on time.

Free Solo Ad Swipe

Writing great solo ad copy can be overwhelming, but I got you covered. I'll check what you're promoting and I'll put together a high-CTR email swipe for you at no extra charge.

Clean Traffic

My sophisticated traffic filters block any and every fake bot that may want to get in. You will only get real human visitors.

Detailed Traffic Report

You get a detailed breakdown of your traffic campaign, so you know exactly what you paid for and where it came from.

My traffic is 100% top tier

That's right, 100% of the best there is. All my traffic is coming from English-speaking countries where people have credit cards, a good exchange rate, and a banking system that encourages credit. Perfect for affiliate marketers like you!

I guarantee you will get exact amount of clicks you ordered or more

I don't want you to take risks. Get exactly what you pay for or more.

First-time clients get 10% click bonus - FREE

Order 500 clicks, get 550. Order 1,000 clicks, get 1,100. No matter the amount of traffic you order, I will send at least 10% extra, if you're a first-time customer to show you that I'm willing to bend over backwards to make you happy.

Choose a Solo Ad Package

Below, you will be able to find a package that fits your needs.

For any questions, please email me at


Master Traffic Package

  • 1000 unique visitors to your website
  • 100% Top Tier Traffic
  • FREE campaign report upon completion
  • FREE bot-protection
  • Free Email Swipe (optional)
  • Free Capture Page (optional)
  • $0.55 per click

$550 one time

Expert Traffic Package

  • 500 unique visitors to your website
  • 100% Top Tier Traffic
  • FREE campaign report upon completion
  • FREE bot-protection
  • Free Email Swipe (optional)
  • Free Capture Page (optional)
  • $0.60 per click

$300 one time

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Advanced Click Package

  • 300 unique visitors to your website
  • 100% Top Tier Traffic
  • FREE campaign report upon completion
  • FREE bot-protection
  • Free Email Swipe (optional)
  • Free Capture Page (optional)
  • $0.65 per click

$195 one time

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Intermediate Click Package

  • 200 unique visitors to your website
  • 100% Top Tier Traffic
  • FREE campaign report upon completion
  • FREE bot-protection
  • Free Email Swipe (optional)
  • Free Capture Page (optional)
  • $0.65 per click

$130 one time

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Click Package

  • 100 unique visitors to your website
  • 100% Top Tier Traffic
  • FREE campaign report upon completion
  • FREE bot-protection
  • Free Email Swipe (optional)
  • Free Capture Page (optional)
  • $0.65 per click

$65 one time

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1. I guarantee you’ll receive the exact amount of clicks you ordered (or more if I like you, but I like everybody). When you work with me, you will always get what I promise (or more!).

2. I guarantee you’ll receive only real quality traffic (no fake clicks here).

3. I guarantee to go TWO extra miles to ensure your satisfaction. I can’t guarantee sales, but I’ll do everything in my control to get you the number of clicks you ordered, all real ones, on time, and to help you through any challenges that may come up.

triple guarantee


You have Q's... I have A's

When will my order start?

If your offer is a good fit for my list, I will deliver your order within 72 hours or less. Usually, you will get your delivery much faster because we love money, and money loves speed!.

Can I contact Diego before ordering?

Absolutely. If you have any doubt about anything, let's chat about it. PM me here, or send me an email here.

Can I really order without having to talk to Diego?

Yes, I take good care of my orders as they come. Once I am notified about your payment, I am already working on it.

Do you offer USA-only clicks?

Yes,  my standard traffic is 100% from USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, but I can send you 100% traffic from the USA.

Will I get sales?

While no one can guarantee sales, I can guarantee access to a fresh, high-quality source of leads that is well known for the sales it scored with previous traffic campaigns (see my testimonials)

How will my order be tracked?

I love tracking my online purchases and I know you too, so as a customer of mine, you get free tracking done for you. You can enjoy your peace of mind while I set everything up for you, and provide you with a full tracking report when your order is complete.  

What niches do you offer?

I offer traffic to Make Money Online, Business Opportunities, Internet Marketing, Cryptocurrency types of offers.  

Can Diego review my website?

I will not only review it, but I will offer you any tip that I feel might increase your opt-in rate.  

Do I need to provide Diego an email swipe?

No, I got you covered with that one.  

Still got questions?

I'll be happy to answer any questions you've got. Just tell me what you're thinking by filling out the form. You can also PM me on Facebook or send me an email to

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Terms and Conditions

I will work hard to ensure your satisfaction through my Triple Traffic Guarantee, but I don’t guarantee sales from my traffic.

Your order will start within 24 hours of order submission. You will be contacted by me notifying you it started and again notifying you it ended.

If I don’t feel your offer is a good fit for my audience, your order will be refunded. If you’re not sure, contact me to discuss any details so I can approve it.

You will receive 100% top-tier traffic. If you’re promoting a USA/North America exclusive offer, please contact me for a proposal.

I reserve the right to use my own email creative If you insist on me using your creative, please email it to me ahead of time.